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Installation Instructions

Eye Candy Signs Installation Video with Bling

Need to Remove your design or lettering? Watch this one

What you need to know before applying your wall decal

*The Matte material does not stick well to textured surfaces, LOW VOC or EASY CLEAN Paints. So make sure your surface is smooth before applying or request our gloss material that is sticker but does not remove as easy as the matte and may leave a residue or pull paint from your walls.
*These decals will not stick to paint that is Eco Friendly (Low/No Voc) paint or paint with Stain Blocker/ Mildew Resistant. These paints make it very hard for the vinyl to stick to the wall. We send a sample piece of vinyl with every order if you are not sure.

*Our wall decals are in three (3) layers and when you are done installing our product, only the letters or design should be stuck on the wall. The other two (2) layers will be discarded and are only for aiding in the installation process.
*The idea is to use the top (paper) layer to pull the letters or design (the middle layer) from the bottom layer exposing the adhesive of the letters or design. Then once the letters or design is stuck to the wall using the top layer to keep everything together, rubbing the top layer will stick the letters to the wall. Then remove the top layer and Presto your done!
*Failure to follow these instructions will void, any replacement or exchange by Eye Candy Signs™

What's in the box?

  • Wooden application stick
  • Printed simple instructions
  • Your Eye Candy Signs product



What else will I need to install this?

***PATIENCE*** (about 20 min.)

  • Masking tape (3M Blue tape works best)
  • Scissors, Tape Measure or Level
  • Soft cloth or paper towels and a Spray cleaner
A second person helps! (on items larger then 24" x 24"

Step 1


Clean the area you plan on applying the design to with an all purpose cleaner (409, glass cleaner etc.) and wipe any dirt or dust with the cloth or paper towels that may be on the wall. Be sure to wait 10 minutes or more for the area to dry completely.

Step 2


Make sure the decal is at room temperature (65 degrees or warmer) before attempting to install. With the supplied wooden application stick, (with the decal facing up so you can read it) rub the top layer to ensure a good bond of the top and middle layer.

Step 3 & 4


Tear off 4 3inch pieces of the masking tape and have them close by the area your applying the design to. Or stick the pieces of tape to the wall around the area you will be working around.

With one hand holding the design "eye level" on the wall use your second hand to grab the masking tape. Apply one piece of tape in the top right and top left corner of the design to hold it on the wall.

Step 5


Using the level or tape measure, make sure the design is straight and level. Remove the masking tape from the wall from either corner but leave the tape stuck to the top layer of the design. Using the outer edge of the design helps in making sure the design is square and level. Readjust until the design is level. Take a few steps back and make sure it's exactly where you want the design to go.

Step 6


Now take the remaining 2 pieces of masking tape and place one piece on the top center of the design and the other on the bottom center of the design. Remove the tape from the right top corner and place it in the bottom left corner just make sure the design does not move.

Step 7


Grab your scissors and have them handy. Start with the right side of the design and fold it over to the left side without creasing the top layer. Take the top corner and slowly separate the top and middle layer from the bottom layer (this exposes the adhesive on the design). Separate the layers until you reach the center of the design. With your scissors, cut the backing paper as close to the center as you can. Put the scissors down while holding the two top layers away from the wall. From the center of the design use your hand to rub the top layers onto the wall working from the center out to the edges. Use the supplied wooden stick to go over the edges of the design to ensure a good bond to the wall.

Step 8


Now that the right side is up you can slowly remove all 4 pieces of the masking tape from the design. Repeat the same process by separating the top and middle layer from the bottom layer on the left side. Starting from the center of the design use your hand to slowly smooth the design to the wall. Start at the center and work your way out to the edges. Use the supplied wooden stick to go over the edges of the design to ensure a good bond to the wall.

Step 9


Ensure that you have rubbed the entire design firmly. Start with the top left corner and slowly pull down the top layer at a 45 degree angle. When removing the top layer do not pull the tape towards you, pull it at a sharp angle flush against the wall down towards the floor. If a letter or piece does not initially stick to the wall, simply try to rub the letter down again. The slower you are removing the top layer, generally the better the letters or design will stick. Also using a hair dryer to warm-up the area not sticking works really well in our experience.

Step 10


When the top layer is removed gently go around the letters or design with your finger to ensure that all of the edges are stick to the wall. Pat yourself on the back, step back and admire your Eye Candy Signs™ wall decal!

Here is another way of installing your lettering or design

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