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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is your lettering or design material reusable?

A. No. Our wall lettering and designs are not made to be reused. The material is just to thin and stretches when removed from the wall.

Q. Do you offer any designs that are reusable?

A. Yes we do! Look for the Peel and Stick in the title or description, those items are removable and repositional.

Q. Will your material damage my wall?

A. For the most part no, our material will not damage or leave a residue on your wall when you remove the design or lettering. You should check first by using the snap test, check out how to test your surface HERE. We can not guarantee damage because of the variables in prep, primer and paint selection.

Q. Can the designs be cut apart so I can arrange them any way I like?

A. Yes! If you see a design or quote you like but it just won't fit your space you can cut the words apart and arrange them just about any way you like.

Q. Are these easy to remove?

A. Yes! Check out the video on how to remove your design on the Installation page, silly I know but that's where it is.

Q. What surface will the designs or lettering stick to?

A. Smooth clean surfaces work best and are the easiest to install to. If you have a textured surface it can be done but you will have to use a little more patience, contact us if you still are unsure.
    These decals will not adhere to walls painted with eco-friendly (low/no VOC) paint, paints that have a stain-blocker or mildew resistant additive in them that makes it very difficult for the vinyl to stick.

Q. I'm not sure about a certain color, do you send actual samples out?

A. Yes! Just contact us by using the live chat feature or via email HERE to request FREE color sample packs. Our sample packs are arranged by color, so if you request Dark Red then we will send you a Red sample pack with many different shades or the Reds we carry.

Q. Can you make a custom quote or design just for me?

A. Yes, we do custom orders on a daily basis, just contact us by using the live chat feature or via HERE. Once we receive your custom item request, we will pair you with one of our talented designers to see the project through.

Q. Can I send you my original artwork file?

A. Yes you can save the design fee if we can work from you original files. The files that work best for die cutting are: ai, eps, pdf (convert text to outlines), fs, cdr for picture or digital printing jpg, bmp, psd and pdf. If unsure just contact us using the live chat feature or via email HERE.

Q. How can I pay for my order?

A. Using our secure online payment method, we accept all major credit cards. We also accept checks but your item will not ship out until the funds have cleared out bank account (3-4 days after the check has been deposited). We also can take your Credit Cards over the phone just call 877-620-8155.

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